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By Femme / 9 years ago / In: General ,



So I have had a Zune for about a year now and I haven’t used it much except for on plane rides, and other similar circumstances. Since I will be taking a very long flight across the world in about 2 weeks I decided that I wanted to find videos to upload to my Zune. This has been very frustrating for me in the past, since Zune’s online marketplace only sells music (like iTunes does).

Last night I found a website that let’s you pay-per-download and I was so excited! Until I realized that the picture format is all screwed up… the site squeezes a widescreen (16:9) movie into a 4:3 format. Why?! Ugh. Once the video is converted (that’s what Zune does to the videos you provide it to be put on the Zune, and it takes forever) the smaller video on the Zune screen doesn’t look so bad, but I can still tell it’s distorted. Anyway, I have Elizabeth and Stranger Than Fiction on my Zune now and I am excited to watch the movies on the plane. 😀

Oh yea! And the best part is that Zune redesigned their software (which was HORRIBLE before). It still isn’t as easy to use as iTunes, but they did improved it thank goodness! And when I plugged my Zune into my computer (I hadn’t done that in a looong time.) the Zune updated itself with this new software that makes it look like the new Zunes! So pretty! The interface is all schnazzy now. 🙂

So… yea. That’s been my day pretty much. Screwing around with my Zune and mp4’s Yay! 😛


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