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By Alicia / 9 years ago / In: General ,



so as some of you may have noticed i have been awake waaayyyy earlier then my usual schedule. well its due to staying up waayyyy too late one night/morning and then sleeping through until the next morning which was like 6am and so i got tired of course at like 11pm and here i am up again super early. blegh, i am soooo not used to waking up this early and i have no idea what to do with myself this time of day. haha i tried to cam the other morning and it was a little difficult because quite a few people that came on were on the other side of the planet and had no idea how to communicate with me…so…that was fun. wish i had like a little button that could translate my sentence into any language i chose and did the same for what they wrote. that will never happen…but hey its a fun idea anyhow right? 😛

 guess its not so bad…for awhile i was waking up at night and was completely nocturnal. but hey it worked for camming thats for sure. you boys play best late at night 😉 hehe

 well i just wanted to say what was up in case anyone wondered where their night dweller was hiding. i will try to stay up later tonight so i can see me late night  lovas.

 till next time…take care <3 XoXo

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