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My Very First Blog!!!


By Brittany Avalon / 9 years ago / In: General ,

Brittany Avalon

Brittany Avalon

YEA!!! Ok, I know I’m new here and I haven’t had a chance to post yet, so here I am. I was going to write something about how Christmas is coming up and all that good stuff, but I think Alicia pretty much said everything I would have wanted to say, only better. I definitely agree with her, Christmas is supposed to be about family and spending time together and all that good shit, but the economy and the horrible demon named “retail” have turned this once joyous holiday into a money-spending psychotic-shopper frenzy. I don’t even like setting foot in stores this time of year because I am afraid I am going to get run over by some sort of mother-on-a-mission determined to buy that one “toy of the year” for their “perfect little angel”. It drives me crazy. I think people should be more concerned with giving to the less fortunate then to their spoiled little children, but who am I to say anything, right? Anyway, aside from a few select people, like my aunt who just had another baby and my little brother, I am going to go to either my church or the local Wal-Mart and pick names of less fortunate kids off the tree and buy gifts for them. Then when Christmas time with the family rolls around, everyone will get a card saying something like “I donated x-amount of money/gifts/whatever in your name to a less fortunate person.” I know people like my Grandma & Grandpa, select Aunts & Uncles, and my parents will love this idea. My mother knows I am a very generous person and would do anything I could for someone in need, so I know she will be proud too. My little brother is still too young and immature to understand this concept, so he will still a little gift as well as my aunt who just had a baby. I know she would love the idea of donating and all, but I know she needs help with the baby and baby things, so I will probably just stick with this idea. Anyone who comes up to me with a problem of me doing this is going to hear it. I don’t care what I get for Christmas this year, actually I would prefer that if people want to spend money on me, they do it in this fashion as well. Wow, I ranted for a while, but I just want people to understand my feelings on this and I hope everyone has a nice, family-filled, joyous Christmas and not a crazy, hectic, I-can’t-wait-to-forget-this-year Christmas. Do something nice for someone in need, the feeling is too great to explain. 🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone

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