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Tire go POP!!


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



       I hope you all had a wonderfull weekend!! My friday was alittle poo.. I was on the way to a fondue party and stopped by lcbo… which is a liquor store for those of u who don’t know. Suddenly heard a bang I was like “what was that??” my friend replies, “I dont know… its probably snow falling from the roof of ur car cause u said there was ice” so I turned down the music… didnt hear it again?!? So I carried on and after getting liquor I had my friend meet me cause I knew the way to the party and he was going to follow me and while we were on the highway, he calls me telling me he thinks I have a flat tire & than called me right after “Ur car smells really bad” I pulled over at an esso (gas station)and my tire blew up!! That was the *bang* noise we heard!! I called my friend, “U kept lagging changing my tires and look now!! I went through the first storm with summer tires and now one blew up!!”  I put in the spare… well not me lol, my friend.. I need big strong men to help me out =p ugh!! It was sooo funny cause it was 5x smaller than the rest of the tires lol!!! We continued driving and my friends kept calling laughing at my spare tire  :pissed  cause it looked funny! Booooooo!!!!!


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