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Soo right now I am


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Letting this chicken marinate….it’s that goya chicken I posted before (in my personal forum with a picture) but this time I’m going to bake it- instead of grill because it’s cold as hell outside, lol.  Anyway, while that’s in the fridge for the next hour I have to put away laundry, sort more laundry and wash stuff because I slack until I have to do it…I just got done drinking some coffee & eating breakfast (nothing special, just strawberry banana yogurt)  errr….then I have to like, organize my room because it looks like crap with stuff all over- so I’ll probably also clean up my desk area and everything too.  I really should put more storage in here because It seems like I don’t have enough. ;/  Maybeeee I will…we’ll see.  Oh yes, my thanksgiving was ok, I just went to my aunt’s house to eat, then left a.s.a.p so as not to be subjected to their annoying talks of my cousins college lives and blah blah blah!  Like I give a damn about how they are in college because you guys pay for everything for them, oh wow!  *insert eye roll here*
Well, I guess I better get going on this shit because It won’t do itself, unfortunately.  Don’t I sound like a lazy bitch? ;D  Well, talk to you all later!

xoxox-Mee <333

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