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Computer Troubles


By Lacie / 9 years ago / In: Rants ,



For the last few weeks, I’ve been having problems with my computer.. all kinds of shit happened, to the point where it wouldn’t even turn on anymore. So I decided to just get rid of it completely and buy new parts, which has long been overdue.. I went this morning to buy a new motherboard, graphics card, processor and more memory.

Well, me and my room mate (who helped me buy everything) have been trying to get it to work since this afternoon, it’s 10pm now. AND IT STILL DOESN’T WORK. We’re not sure what the problem is, but it might be the old power supply, the new graphics card, or the motherboard, or BIOS (according to him).. and the CD ROM drive doesn’t work either. And I can only connect one IDE hard drive and I have 3. ^&$^%#$#%$%^&*

So yea. I wanted to just to put the new parts in, reinstall everything, and be on my shiny new computer by evening. But obviously this is not gonna happen now.. And I have to do pchats from my shitty laptop again (oh yea, I’m online right now 😛 ). And now my laptop keyboard is going crazy and just typing random letters. WTF. I hate computers.

Someone buy me a Mac please?!!?

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