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if you find yourself without me…


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Does anyone else secretly want to see Beowulf?  I mean come on!  Those graphics are the SHIT!  Ok, maybe I am a huge fucking dork, but I totally want to see this and never admit to anyone I masturbated while salivating over the computer graphics. 


Also, I have a little question for my ladies out there…  When you are laying with, kissing or whatever with a person you find physically attractive, when you press your tits on them do you get like a direct connection of fierce fire from your mummeries straight to your loins?  I certainly do.  It makes me insane. 


I have been missing Jay lately and it’s totally lame.  Well he’s not lame.  I just miss him and I feel like an idiot for messing it up.  Yes he and I both have our faults but I was a key contributor to fucking up our awesome relationship.  he used to make me so giddy.  AND YES “giddy” is the only way to properly explain how he makes me feel.  First of all, he is the best lay I have ever had EVER.  Second, he is funny and makes me crack up.  Third, how is he so fucking smart?  I think he is so awesome for graduating from college, that’s so hard for me to imagine myself doing the same. 


I am up at 6am drinking rum and coke, and I have no idea why.  I should be at home cleaning at stuff.  I want to go back to work soon but my eating habits are proving difficult. Don’t ever just drop taking adderal out of the blue.  It might suck for you and you might gain like 500 lbs.  Who cares I should feel confident about myself right?  Easier said than done,  I mean when I weighed almost 150lbs I still had no problem what so ever making money at work, so why should I care after I get down to 120 and spike back up to 130 (I assume)?  That’s practically NOTHING!


Oh well back to watching the office…


Three Questions…


  1. Are you male or female and do you wear any kind of jewelry?  If so does it have meaning or is it just to compliment your look?
  2. Do you smoke cigarettes?  When did you start and why?


  1. On Christmas, do you have a big family thing or what? 


My Christmas’ are lonely and I never receive gifts because my only family here is my grandmother and she isn’t like exactly very well off, so I am trying to make plans for the upcoming holidays that will make me feel like I belong to something.  I am considering volunteering for a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, and on Christmas possibly driving myself and my grandmother to Henderson to stay with our family up there.  For some reason we never spend the holidays with them and it sounds like such a good idea.  Especially if I bring booze for everyone, we might have a bonding experience or something. 

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