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I’m back to awesome


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I love to Google “freebie” and have lots of little surprises sent to me through the course of the week. Does any one else you know do that?

I need to buy some new mineral make-up soon. I heard that Milani Cosmetics made a good mineral foundation that’s better than physicians formula… For Drugstore mineral make-up. I usually wear Bare Minerals but I am out of it and unless I get it off of my wish list I am screwed because I don’t have any type of credit card to order anything off of the internet. Although I have been thinking about getting one of those prepaid cards that they have at Walgreens. You register them in your name and everything like a regular credit card and you can fill it up whenever you want.

Last night I saw the movie “Wrist Cutters”. I hate when people talk up a movie because it usually ruins it for me and if no one had said how amazing this movie was and how there was a twist and all of this shit I probably would have loved it. But instead it just ended up being “OK”. But the good news is it starts out with an amazing Tom Waits song and he plays a part in the movie as well. But I won’t say and thing else as I don’t want to be a mean ass and ruin it like someone did for me.

I was thinking about getting that HPV vaccine that everyone is talking about. I can get it free from my health provider but I am starting to see weird stuff spring up about it online. Like I am pretty sure I saw that two girls died after receiving it, but that could be a myth cooked up by the self-righteous fucks that think it’s a bad Idea to protect their preteens against possible std type infections that could cause death via cancer simply because to do so, would promote sex. UM ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE? There are parents up in arms about their little girls receiving the vaccine because they know their little Betsys and Dollys aren’t going to be having sex until marriage when of course they won’t be able to receive std’s because their Husbands will not be carriers of anything because they to will be virgins, also no one makes mistakes and cheats ever within the sanctity of marriage. However, I am mainly concerned about the safety of this new fangled vaccine that they are giving out rather than the morality of it because I am not preteen virgin, or an angel for that matter.

Uh I watched all of the season 7 episodes of Degrassi that were up on today. Man that show is going nuts! This is going to be the last season ever and I can’t imagine how they are going to round it all off. One of the characters was slipped a roofie and raped. I fucking cried and screamed. The girl is like a super religious virgin too, so it’s devastating for her and she even tried to slit her wrist. And on a side note. I like Manny’s new hair style and the way she is dressing this season.

Ok I have three questions for everyone.

1. On Heroes it’s apparent that Nathan and Peter Petrelli’s mother (Angela) has a super power, but have they ever alluded to or even come right out and said what it is?

2. What age, sex, and sexual preference are you?

3. What’s your favorite salad dressing?

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