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My adventure with Victoria <3


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



    Since Victoria & I are obsessed with eachother we wanted to make a play date which would be the 3rd of november. I came by to her place & stroked her dogs while she got ready. (stroked as in petting lol… u perv)
    We went to a casino cause I have never been, I won nothing… zero!! Victoria won some money and paid me back what I lost… what a sweetheart <3 Than we decided to go to a stripclub… but first we needed some mcdonalds.. Mmmm healthy!! Her aunt gave me directions and so we left, than suddently:

             Victoria: Make a left here
              Silvia: Its not in the directions
              Victoria: I’ve gone here though

      So I went there, we end up in a really dark road… and got lost. I kept driving in circles to get out.. victoria kept laughing, which made me laugh. We were probably there for about 40 mins trying to find a way out! I swear it was like this abandoned area with no street signs lol. We finally found a way out, which Victoria found… she gets me both lost and found lol.

     While driving to the strip club… my car was making some noises and I began to panic. My car sounded like it was in pain… not my baby :(. Victoria laughed lol, it was kind of funny cause everything was going wrong. When we got to the strip club, we walked in and victoria made the best comment. “Cwh girls look so much better than these girls” It was soooooo true!!! ha ha.. than some hott ones came out, I loved the blondes.. seemed like victoria loves the brunettes <3

     After 2am, we left and got some greek food and made out for a bit & ate eachother out… u wish :p

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