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By cameron / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Lately the weather has been ridiculously awesome here in Florida. Poor Nyluh has the heat on and we have weather thats 75 and breezy. Perfect beach weather! =) Usually we get stuck with 98 degree weather with sticky yucky humidity but the past few days have been beautiful! Also life has been looking up for me lately, along with the weather haha… i have new boobies, i’m doing well in school, & also managing to balance this and two other jobs. Yay meeee! But no matter what I’m doing I always manage to get distracted and log onto the forums. There is always something interesting going on =) I just yesterday began pchatting again for the first time since surgery! I’m not doing topless VIP quite yet but as soon as these babies are healed up i’ll def. be ready to show! Surgery went very well for me. I was very lucky and scheduled my appointment so soon after my consultation that I didn’t have time to be nervous. I went in there.. they hooked me up to the IV and I was all relaxed & when the finished up the first surgery I went into the surgery room. Then things got a little nerve wrecking when they strapped me down haha but I did wake up very happy! .. a little drunk feeling actually but I’ve been very fortunate pain wise even right after the surgery. But things are going well for me & just wanted to shareee =)

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