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Bloggin finally!


By Alicia / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Sorry for taking so long to blog….I think the last time I did was…um…hm…nevermind I don’t even remember…so that’s a bad thing. The past month of October was pretty hectic for me, with family, friends and such. I also started volunteering at this farm to work with this horse to help her get back into shape. My very first job when I was 14, was working in a horse stable, and I have been riding horses since I was about 9 yrs old…and living in an area where I can’t really ride unless I am taking lessons…I take any oppurtunity I can get to be with one. I definitely can’t currently afford to own one, so I am taking advantage of this..haha. The horse’s name is Curly and shes sooo cute. Shes not a very tall horse but she has an awesome personality…almost like a big dog. She will follow me wherever I go and even plays this little game with me. She will nibble my sleeve and see if I notice and if I do, I look back at her and she stops and throws her head up…like what? It wasn’t me, lol. It’s so cute.

 Along with doing that I loooove loooove halloween and go out dressed up as often as possible and go to haunted houses, haunted hayrides, etc. I am a bit of a freak for this holiday. On the 31st, the actually day of, I made the house look awesome! There were spiders webs everywhere, a mini graveyard, fog machines, fake scary animals, vines, spiders, spooky music and even my Alaskan Malamute played in on it all. I got his hair all messed up with mousse and then got fake blood and put it all over his face, neck, legs and parts of his body and put him in his cage outside near the walkway along with a fake bloody hand and femur in the cage so it looked like he had just eaten someone. Everytime someone walked up they freaked! It was awesome! He looked like a man-eating wolf….it was sweet.

 Yeah that was my halloween, I thoroughly enjoyed scaring the kids, it was a good time. Now that the distracting month has passed I will be back on my regular schedules once more….look for me sun-thurs on pchats…always waiting to play…even if I am not around…I am only a PM away on the forums….feel free to ask to play anytimes 🙂

 Much love…..

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