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By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Tonight I was stood up by the third person that has stood me up in the last two days. I mean seriously the least a person could do s call because for all I know is that you could be in jail or dead. Leslie at least let me know she was locked out of her car but I have a sneaking suspicion that isn’t the whole truth of why she didn’t come over ALL day because she must have been locked out of her car around 2pm.

Have you ever made an effort to sleep yourself into oblivion? I sure have a few hours ago I woke up from a 24 hour nap. Of course there were numerous interruptions including fucking lowlife idiot repair men and women singing and telling loud fucking jokes while painting the little area and stairway right outside of my door. Also there were numerous phone calls that lasted fucking like 30 minutes each time and when I would get up to get them either the person would hang up or there would be nothing but static on the line. My cat is in heat and is meowing the fuck out of my ears and my dog is trying to kill her because she is too horny to run away.

Oh yes and yesterday I received a phone call from my mother informing me of her will and all this crap because she thinks she might die of cancer or something, I don’t even know what’s really happening there. But I will say from what she says I doubt it’s really going to be a problem once she works through it, she’s just being overly morbid right now.

And to top things off last night my amazing new HP laptop was running slow and so I restarted it, and now it will not load windows what so ever and ram what I understand it’s probably a bad ram issue and will need to be sent back from the company and I have no clue if they will fix it as I am not the one who bought it, I just received it as a gift off of my amazon wish list… So I have nothing I swear. I mean yes of course I have this brand new sony vaio as well that I am typing on now but that really doesn’t settle me the way I need to be settled.

Just remember Jessica, among all the things that seem to be wrong there is always a reason that you are actually better off than more than half of the human population as you have your health (for the most part), your shelter, and you are fed very well.

That health point also reminded me that I am breaking out all over my body with mysterious bumps. I have been jokingly calling them chickenpox, but since I have already had those I assume it might be from stress or hell even like the chickenpox of something. I’m going back to sleep after my two hour hiatus as a living being.

Oh Oh Oh! And my boyfriend broke up with me because while I was out of town and he was house sitting he didn’t not do his job what so ever. He allowed my dog to eat two webcams, a pair of platform dance shoes I never even had the chance to wear, pointe shoes I never had a chance to even sew the ribbons on, ruin numerous technical stuff around the house and MORE. He also failed to put the keys he mindlessly took off of my key ring back to me so when I left the house that night thinking I had my keys I arrived back at the house only to realize they were no longer on the key ring resulting in having to break a window to get back into my house. Which will cost me about 300 dollars to have fixed. So when I was upset about all of this he said he wanted to break up because it was all my fault for leaving town and he’s not excepting any responsibility for something he didn’t want to do in the first place. Uh, what? Are you serious?

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