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you’ll go your way…


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I’m boycotting hammerheads presently even though I am pretty sure my drunk ass made an appearance there on Tuesdayish. But yeah I hate that place now, I am only going to craw daddy’s from now on, plus they have better quality liquor and a neat diverse crowd. Oh yeah and they have a wii, an electric downloading jukebox and wireless internet. That place is heaven. I am have a secret pleasure for canned cheesy spaghetti and I wish chef Boyardee made cheese tortellini… When things are really hip and cool I try to reject them for as long as I can as to not go along with the crowd. However today I finally caved and watched Amelie for the first time ever. It wasn’t as good as it should have been for such an iconic movie, although I must admit it was pretty cute. I liked the music best of all and I am busy downloading the soundtrack as we speak. Leslie is moving and I have been trying to stay drunk and not think about it. Maybe this will honestly be better for her, I shouldn’t try to stand in her way of things but I can’t help but be devastated. I don’t get close with many girls for whatever reason so when I do It’s a very dynamic connection. Losing her is like a punch in the gut, especially losing her to someone I hate. I have no right to hate or be angry or jealous but that doesn’t really mean shit in the scope of how our emotions work. I wish I could stop hating Kathryn and I know she never owed me anything she’s just so deceitful and has plummeted through the old scene and slowly torn people and friendships apart, how am I expected to just ignore that? Every time I wanted to forgive her I feel like she deceived me, but who’s to say I didn’t deserve that in some aspect? And now my dreams are coming true, she is finally leaving town and as a last hurrah she is taking my best friend and lover with her. I’m not trying to implicate that she is doing this with intent, I realize I am not the fucking center of everyone’s world… However I can’t help but feel so fucking angry and hurt. Apparently Anitra wants to say some things to me about our fight, I’m not sure if she aims to work it out or start more drama, and I think I have plenty of reason to be weary. And if she were to apologize, would everything go back to the same way it was? She really meant a lot to me as a friend and after what happened and the things she said to me after the incident was over may have wrecked that connection permanently. I try to forgive (as much as that sounds like bullshit) but sometimes people just go to fucking far. But regardless of that, I still love her. I can’t wait until it’s really REALLY fall. BROKEN DOLL FOR SALE – This pretty piece of flesh is in BRAND slightly worn condition. Has various problems internally but the cosmetic work is in absolute like new condition! (except for various scars lining one arm and of course, her knees.) Needs to go to a generous owner who can give her everything a little lady of this nature needs… and then some. Comes complete with her own accessories, super-sized ego, and fully adjustable limbs and orifices! Has her own action phrases, including ‘I secretly love you’, ‘Where did you hide the razor this time?’, and ‘Don’t tell anyone…‘ . Tends to stray unless kept on a tight leash and under a firm hand… Keep her sweet and she’ll reward! Requires various toxicants and poisons to perform to the best of her abilities. Without a doubt, a perfect possession that could be yours if the price is right! WARNING! Only creatures with the strongest stomachs and sickest of minds need apply.

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