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By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



               Seems as though all my friends are going through a depression.. one that i’ve been through, probably u all have too! Its getting worse cause ppl around them think that annoying them with questions is actually gonna improve anything. I wantedmy friends to admit that they were depressed, so I began talking about my problems to get them to open up about they’re own and it worked.. GOO ME!! lol I just needed that proof so i can get their family to back off alittle cause they kept saying “I want to help” When ppl are depressed cause they hate how they’re life is heading u need to give them some time to think. They will come to u when they’re ready. Doesnt mean u cant talk to them.. just dont bring up school, work or weight.
I know this caue ppl in my family either work in factories or construction, no one goes to school cause its a *waste of money* or so they say. So I thought the samething cause they made me believe that garbage about how life is supposed to be. I move away from toronto and saw all these ppl were going to school and had goals and it made me feel like crap. I wanted a *career* So I went to do makeup.. not cause I loved it, but because I knew I wouldnt fail. I had strong art skills and saw it as though “instead of drawing on paper, I’ll draw on faces” lol. I enjoy doing makeup.. but not full time… not as my career. I feel as though ppl dont take me seriously as a makeup artist. So I decided to go back to school next year for what I was afraid of, my true passion was to go to school for dental hygene.. but I was afraid of failing the course & have my family rub it in my face.
I decided to move out in November, I work as a camgirl.. which is good pay. I’ll work while in school since I wont live with family.. they have no say. I just dont want to live in a home where i’m surrounded by ppl telling me I’ve made a mistake and that i’m wasting money. My friend’s uncle said it best when he said: “School will be tough, U will be stressed.. but once its over life will be so much easier” I just dont want to live with regret and I LOVE school.. not when i’m in it lol, I just miss it when i’m not in lol

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