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I made me..


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Leaving my job is more difficult than I expected.. I am flattered that my co-workers dont want me to go. I agreed to work one day a week, yes.. just one day a week. Than they sneak in the question to work more, I refused. Its so hard to say no to them cause they’re not just co-workers.. they’re my friends <3 But I know that its too much stress that I can surely live without.
Life is going okay, slower than I expected *cries* Im trying to save money to move out, but working from home isnt as easy as I expected. Theres far too much distractions!! *pulls out hair* Expecially for someone with A.D.D <– ME!!! While traffics slow, I begin asking myself “Should I go out???” Than I go and thats what I did. I went out to my friends house and brought the movie “Betty Page” A movie I’ve bought.. but never watched. On the way I was craving a coffee and bought my friend a ginger bread man. She refuses to eat it.. cause its a gift lol. Okkkkayyyy.. I guess she has more will power than me =)

-The giner bread man that’ll never be eatten.. Atleast loosen up her buttons 😉

Ur probably wondering about my title?? Allow me to explain, lately I’ve been receiving negativity by what I do, not only as a camgirl.. mainly directed towards me posing nude. Also doing makeup for women wo are in the adult industry. This is not me, its what I do.. it didnt create me.. or force me into it in anyway. I choose to do it and i’m not harming anyone in the process.. Its mostly Jesus lovers who are bothering me with it, while they’re the ones with worse habits that unlike me.. are harming others. I take it as though, misery loves company. They enjoy to bring me down to their level and cry about how awfull I’ve become… not gonna happen 😉

I loved what betty page said, how adam & eve were born naked.. started wearing clothes after they sinned 😉 Ohh SNAP!!!

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