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Busy Busy month


By MIA / 9 years ago / In: General ,



As some of you know my aunt had ALS (lou gheries) and we have known about it for almost a year. This month she passed away and it was a lot harder than i expected .If you want all the details, you can always go and check out my blog ( . I just had no idea that i would take it so hard. I still cant seem to believe that she is gone. i was always one of those ppl that thought everyone else was too dramatic at funerals (if it wasnt your parents or something). I suppose that stems from not having grandparents most of my life, or a huge ‘older’ family. I had only been to two funerals in my life. My first was in 6th grade , when my friend Michelle’s dad died when she was sleeping over at my house. It was really scary, but I wasnt very emotional about it…we went to the wake, and we were only 12 so what did we know.

My second funeral was when a friend/family friend of mine died. He had been sick since he was a baby, some heart defect…and was in and out of hospitals. The doctors said he woudlnt make it to 14 years old…but he was I think 16/17 at the time. I believe I was a freshman in high school or 8th grade It was a while ago. Anyway, we were at the beach on the 4th of july for a HUGE block party¬†and he collapsed……they rushed him to the hospital and he didnt make it.

I remember at that funeral was the first time i ever cried because someone died. i was upset….seeing him in the casket made me feel so sorry for him. I felt like he shoudl have lived longer, he was such a good person. It just doesnt always seem fair. They say that “god has a plan for you ” but what if you dont like that plan? Its just all really confusing

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