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rejected :(


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Bah! I am so hurt and I suppose it’s my fault, in a karmic type of way. So I am not going to name any names because that wouldn’t be fair but there is a couple that my boyfriend was house sitting for and he used the girls car to come and get me in the evening. They were supposed to get back the next morning but I had a feeling that they would come back early, but I didn’t consider it to be a big deal that I was there or anything since I know both of them and like them.

So as I had suspected they arrived home early somewhere around 11 in the evening after I had gone to sleep on the couch. They came in and the guy offered to give us (Jay and I) back home to my house and so we rounded up our things and piled into his car and rode home. After we arrived at my house the guy and Jay had a short talk before jay came in. I thought sure Jay got in trouble but for something else entirely that had nothing to do with me, but then Jay cam in and told me that the couple had decided they didn’t want him over there anymore because he brought ME into THEIR house.

I didn’t understand. I thought I was friends with both of them, the only reason I could see that they would be offended is because Jay used their car to fetch me, but it was his understanding that he could use it. But it was honestly because I guess they don’t like me. Jay and I have had problems in the passed obviously and that couple is aware of them but I never thought for once that they judged me for some of the mistakes I had made. I thought sure that they realized it was not their place to say anything and excepted me as I am.

What’s most hurtful is that I have known the girl in the couple for years upon years and always looked up to her and adored her, and to have her be disgusted with me to the point that she wouldn’t even want me in her house when she wasn’t even there is just terrible. I’m sure by my actions I have brought this on myself, I just thought they were the kind of people that liked me and didn’t judge me. I really like them. Being rejected by people you really like and respect leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. I don’t think I can really explain it.

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