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A lil rant about me…


By Niki / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Hi… I have a terrible memory..sometimes i walk upstairs and then i forget why i did..I can’t remember anything that matters, but I could tell you what i was wearing on any significant occasion of my life….I don’t ever remember having a new year’s resolution and for some reason I feel bad about it..I am constantly talking without thinking..I wake up 15 min before i have to leave the house.. i wish i could be one of those girls who gets up early and does their hair, but i’m not willing to put in the time…I can’t mix a drink to save my life…Kahlua and sour puss anyone?? I get totally obsessed about acquiring things, but then once I have it I don’t want it anymore…If I start drinking before 9 i will be out by midnight… i like to argue, and it frustrates me when people won’t argue back… i can never have enough clothes… i talk to strangers…i could watch infomercials all day long…i’ve been in love and it’s scary as hell…i dot dot dot a lot..I write e-mails like this…even short ones…I’m brutally honest…caffeine is my crack….it makes me crazy… i can dish it out, but i can’t take it.. i over analyze to the max… I’m always late…crazy because I call the time lady like 5 times a day… if i won the lottery i would still work, but my friends and i would all drive matching Range Rovers… If i could do anything for a living i would want to be a personal shopper… that would be my dream job for sure… I always count things…like tiles in the roof, or how many steps it takes to get somewhere…don’t know why…i just do…
Can’t wait to get to know you back!

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