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Life is short


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



After various attempts of trying to sleep, I couldnt take it… I gave up at 8 am!! I got up & prepared a neato breakfast of eggs sided with toast I outdid myself lol, sent out afew texts to see if anyone was interested in going to the gym with me… no replies.. therefore i’m going alone. I’m driving to the gym and arrived at 9:40… I see 12 cop cruisers and caution tape everywhere, I remember thinking to myself “Holy shit!!” I came here for nothing the gym is a 30 min drive from my house
Than I drove back to my empty home and showered. I got 5 missed calls, I returned the phone calls … there was a shooting at my gym and a 35 year old man died. My friends were worried that it was me cause I informed them what time I would be there. It was all over the radio/tv, I told them I was okay. Than I thought to myself.. “Do I look like a 35 year old man????” Than my gym buddy told me that it was one of my friends jason, he was this guy at the gym who kept asking me out, but I was turned off at the fact that he had a gf and daughter. At the sametime… he was that type of friendly guy, who would just talk to everyone & I kept a friendship with him because of how nice he was to everyone.. except his gf lol.
My friend brought up a good point that freaked me out, she said:
“Jason got shoot at 9:30, u arrived 10 mins after… u were so close in time. If u were to see him, u would’ve stopped to talk to him. When the guy shot him, he would’ve done the same to u… ur so lucky”
Thats when I realised how lucky I was and it makes me sick to my stomach at the sametime!!!

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