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By SexyLexi / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Well school started on Monday, and it’s already kicking my butt. I’m taking four classes; three online and one at the campus, plus there’s the performing arts club I’m in. Overall I am staying busy, but I like it. I hate just sitting around.

So my old computer monitor died. It’s a monstrous thing, 19″ wide by like 20″ deep and it weighs like 50 pounds. It’s just sitting here in my office, waiting for Sunday, when we are going to dispose of it via an AK-47 and Mosin-Nagant. It should be fun (what? I like to shoot at things!) I might film it. Who wouldn’t want to see me in a tiny pair of shorts wielding a deadly weapon? 😉

I’m definitely seeing an improvement after working with my personal trainer. We haven’t been able to meet as often as I’d like, but I am definitely more toned than before. I’m going to try and do cardio twice a week in addition to the weight training with him now that I can use the college’s gym for free.

OH, FUNNY STORY! I was doing my training the other night with my trainer, I’ll call him B. He always tells me, “suck your belly to your spine.” So I’m on the mat, about to do push-ups, and B is crouched to the side of me to watch my form. He says, “Suck your chest in. I mean, suck your belly in. Sorry, I was looking at your chest. Shit! I mean. Damn. Just forget I said that!” I was laughing so hard that I fell on the mat and couldn’t get back up for like 5 minutes. It was the funniest shit.

Now that you are hopefully laughing, I shall take my leave. *kisses*

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