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All better


By Lacie / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Ok, I’m finally better. The day after I last posted (which was Saturday I think?) I was absolutely miserable.. I tried to pchat for a bit but gave up being I was just feeling like crap and looking like crap =/ Anyway, I’m better now, not 100% but getting there 🙂 And the movie on Saturday was awesome, I really enjoyed it. Extremely unrealistic, of course, but very entertaining. Next time I see it, I’ll be counting the times Mr. McClane should have died and didn’t 😉

It’s weekend again! For me anyway. I have something VERY exciting (well, for me anyway ;)) planned for this weekend, but I will be keeping that a secret for a bit until I know what’s gonna happen with it. I get excited about stupid stuff all the time, so I probably shouldn’t make such a big deal out of it. Welllll, we’ll see 😛

Right, I gotta go make something to eat for lunch now, I’m starving and being hungry makes me irritable and grumpy (Just like lack of sleep – I’m like a baby). I’ll be on pchats on NNC after lunch for the rest of the day (on and off). See you there! 🙂

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