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Hoooraaayy I’m healthy!! lol


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



For the the some of u that don’t know, I’ve dissapeared for a bit (not in the forums though) because of a concussion. What happened was that I went away to Niagara falls (canadian side) and than my friends and I decided to go to kitchener to try out their awesome water park, they had this racing ride. We had to run than plant our bums on the slide and race, what ended up happening was that I ran, but slipped while I was trying to sit and landed on my head. I won the race though lol.
It took a good week to recover, I’ve been trying to ge back to the gym… I’m okay, but once I do cardio I get some massive headaches. “BUT” I’m back camming now *hooooray *

I can’t wait for sept 18 when I leave my job cause I have 5 photographers lined up that I want to shoot with and I want to try out for some commercial work. I want to go all out cause theres some girls that aren’t the hottest, but they get so many jobs cause they take whatever they can get and I want to do the same. *crosssses fingeerrsssss*

-Pray for me lol

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