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Hii :)


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Sooo….it’s almost 7 am, I’m up right now because well, I woke up at around 9 pm after going to bed at about 3 in the afternoon lol.   I have a messed up sleeping schedule…so I’m always awake doing my normal stuff while almost everyone else is asleep, except for people across the world and whatever ;p  they’re up the times I am because they’re so far ahead on the clock. 😀  Aaaanywayyyy….I’m just sitting here eating cookies and drinking mountain dew (I know, it’s so healthy right?)  I feel kinda tired right now actually though I shouldn’t since I haven’t been awake that long at all…Oh well, at least p-chats went well while I was on so that was a plus for today.  Let’s see….my birthday was good, didn’t do much, still didn’t end up getting my “gifts” from my mom or grandpa because I have yet to drive out by where they live, and my phone was dead for a few days since I didn’t charge it- so I have voice mails waiting from most likely my mom…wanting to do something for my birthday lol…I’ll check em’ eventually.  I take forever to call her back usually cuz I never like to check my stupid voice mails >:/  They’re usually nothing good hahaha….especially the longer I wait to check them…the more they build up then when I don’t charge my phone I don’t know who called in the first place and who knows what i’ll be listening to on there.  Aaahhhhhhh!!! Maybe i’ll check them today….umm, later, after I sleep.  Well, I guess I am kinda good at writing since I just wrote a whole story about voice mails and how much they suck lol.  Mehh, onto a new subject, my pekingese Chloe is laying on the air vent by my feet which’s her usual spot…she likes it because it blows out the air conditioning and I guess she likes to be cold.  She’s a weirdo.  She also snores louder than any person i’ve ever heard snoring haha, must be her caved in smashed nose, since dogs like her have that going for them.   Hmm well I guess that’s all i’ve got for now, sorry it wasn’t more entertaining lol 😀


xox-Mee <333 

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