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shadow self?


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I used to be a collector of life stories. I would remember all the details and use them as my own… I knew how much each of my friends weighed, their eye color, how old their mother was when they had them and more things that I can’t even list, when they lost their virginity, most shameful and sometimes terrifying experiences. I knew some things that would make me seem very strange to want to even know them. I would list all of these experiences in my head and view them as movie clips at will imagining myself in the lead role. It would become so confusing… So infused into my core that eventually I would have no idea how to differentiate which were mine. So I would use them to get inside of peoples heads and to think like them. I would use these stories and crush them into my own to the point where this knowledge in my mind allowed me to possess the souls/people that they actually belonged to. And just like that… I would throw them away. I’ve never told anyone this, and I still do it today.

Now tell me a few things about you…

1. Would you die for something you believed in?

2. What immediately came to mind when I asked question number one?

3. Have you ever cowered down on something you wish you would have taken a stand for? If so, what was it?

I’ll answer my own questions in my next blog…

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