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some like it hot…


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Last night I dreamed I was being tattooed on my side. The tattoo was of three large butterflies which is lame but butterflies symbolize transition. I have been having a lot of dreams that have been about change and involve symbols of transition. I wonder what they all could be trying to tell me? No one knows what changes they are going through until after the fact so I just hope these will be changes for the better, which I sort of sense is happening anyhow.

It’s been so dang hot here it’s killing me. I can never stay awake when it’s this hot it just makes me want to sleep all day. Yesterday I walked up to a bar that serves cheap and yummy food and ate an sandwich. Then on the way home I got so sick I was vomiting everywhere on the road and the side walk. Luckily I was on foot and not in my car. I think I got food poisoning. I still feel kind of woozy today.

I got an really cute outfit off of my wish list today. It’s shear black with opaque stripes and little pink bows! I can’t wait to wear it! I think I am going to get up off of here and REALLY clean my house today I swear it’s depressing me to the max, then catch up on my internet stuffs. The heat is making it impossible for me to do anything lately. I wish I could just delete summer.

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