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protein bars


By MIA / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I love protein bars. I have many favorites. and normally I keep one with me at all times so I dont eat something I dont think is appropiate! haha so the other night i went to the movies wiht my roommate and brought a protein bar as a snack. I ate some of it and left it in the wrapper safely in my purse. I get home and go to sleep . fast forward to the next morning when my alarm is going off to teach my class at the gym, i get my phone out of my purse and there is melted protein bar ALL over it. i dont mean just a little…i mean the whole thing mel.ted and covered the phone like wax. so im like great, go to the kitchen and clean it off. Thinking its all good. I go to receive a call later that day and I cant hear a WORD the person is saying. I think its just me again, so I put them on speak phone. That works out ok,ay. lol. through out the day I come to realize i cant hear ANYTHING on my phone through the normal speaker. Im so upset. I tried to clean it out again with a little toothpick….and alas nothing.

This is what the 4th phone ive been through in like a year? This is fucking ridicilous. My protein bar shouldnt have attached to my phone like that. Thatss what I get for eating healthy. Off to ebay to buy a cheap phone now. Aweosme

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