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orange cream dream


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I had a CRAZY dream last night. I had a dream that I met the ghost of my identical twin brother. How is that possible? Well in the dream I was a Siamese twin at birth and my mother had to have a c-section, and when they sliced into her belly to do that they accidentally stabbed my twin and cut him open. We were attached at the hips and grew like from that center so he went ß and I went –> (the other way). So since they stabbed him they had to do immediate surgery to remove his body parts from mine and since we shared one bladder and had only one sexual organ, then that would technically make me a dude. So they removed him and the male reproductive organ (i.e. penis), and fashioned me some legs somehow of the left over tissue and made me a vagina since there was no way to recreate a penis for me… And voila… thus was a female Jessica born!

I got my hair done yesterday by Angelia at Kurl up and Dye. It look amazing! Angelia is a really talented hair stylist and I love the way she does my hair, she’s always suggesting new styles and she’s never afraid to try any crazy idea I come up with. Everything we ever do comes out super well. So yeah my hair is sort of like an orange/red with blonde highlights now.

I need to catch up with my videos and video blogs like TODAY and NOW. I need to do that promo video for CWH and also make a video blog to show off my new hair and let everyone know what’s up. So I better go get started… ha, it’s not like it’s real ‘work” but I’m so dang lazy. Haha.

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