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red hair


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



So I found out that the person that was stabbed in front of my house was actually a friend of mine and the person who stabbed him was an associate of mine. I still have no idea what they were fighting about that would have been important enough to flipping stab someone over it. Apparently there was blood everywhere on everyone and the my friend was stabbed multiple times in the neck, he could have been killed for god’s sake.

This kind of activity never happened where I live Especially between people I know. My friends can get drunk and rowdy, with me usually being the drunk and rowdy one… But no one ever goes so far as to pull out a weapon on anyone else. I’d say we are all pretty peaceful “non-conformist” types and I just can’t believe this has happened. People are so stupid and that just makes me brain boil.

Thursday night I drank do much and partied so hard that I slept the entire day on Friday. It was a silly waste of a day. Luckily today I am starting half of the process of getting my hair done and doing my hair is always therapeutic in it’s own way. I have to run out and cash checks, pick up hair color and pay my rent. Maybe I’ll grab something nice to eat as well.

Ok that was all yesterday while I was being lazy and not finishing my update. Now I am just sitting here and letting Jay crack my old hair extensions out of my head and it’s taking freaking forever. We started this last night and here it is 9:30 in the am and we are still working on it. I really hope I can get this shit done by 3pm so I can get my new dang hair in. I have been looking forward to this for weeks but after this I have to totally color my hair and then color some of the hair that came from the place I ordered it and ended up being this really ugly color.

So uh, wish me luck!

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