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hello cwh!


By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Hey! It’s my first post here, so I would like to just say hello to everyone and warn you that I am extremely long winded and so you may see frequent and extremely lengthy posts from me. Ha! But anyhow, I hope you get to know me and learn to enjoy my scatterbrained thoughts and my eccentric sense of humor.

My house is a huge mess. I am no good at house keeping to say the least. I have a nasty wretched mess of dirty dishes in the kitchen and putrid overflowing trash in the bathroom. There are random boxes scattered all over my house from the various wish list items I received through the last two weeks strewn all over the floors. I know I sound like an awesome future wife, or whatever. Haha. So today I am going to be doing random cleaning to help make myself feel better.

Ahem, I have recently (well throughout the past year) lost a good amount of weight and I am continuing to do so. I blame walking the dog for this but yeah, I am in dire need of new clothing. I wear a totally different pant size and don’t even get me started on t-shirts, so I added new items of regular clothing to my Amazon wish list and I really hope if you have any extra scrill to spare that you will grace me with whatever you can so I don’t get arrested for indecent exposure due to lack of clothing options. Hehe.

My link to this list is as follows:

(There is also a really freaking hot polka dot bikini a few items down on the first page that I have been wanting for like two years and finally found on Amazon the other day, you should get it for me!)

Oh yeah! I am totally getting my hair redone at the end of this week! Look forward to sexy ass new locks of red AND gold! Whoot!

K, I’m out!

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