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…. today….


By Em / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Hey guys 🙂

How is everyone? I hope you’re all great.. I’m so super-busy right now its unreal! I’ve got to study so I pass this time, and not neglect my work load because its boring-lol. I’m trying to be around for you guys and tonight, I really wanna party! Except no one wants to play! 🙁

I want breakfast, I so miss American breakfast. I want strawberry pancakes right now, with tons of syrup and coffee.. but I don’t know how to make them good, i can make crepes but I want thick fluffy ones 🙁 with fruit 🙁 The UK sucks so bad sometimes! I’m actually really wanting to visit NYC for a few days sometime in December; but I need to wait and check I don’t need to spend the money on house things. What can I eat? mmmmm bagels & cream cheese sounds good but I’d need to go get some stuff..

Today; I plan to study some, *yawn* do some household chores *super yawn* get down to some forum posting \o/ YEY!! some wishlist shopping;) and some pchatting! I might look into emigrating some more as well; visas and stuff are so confusing!

I had a great weekend away, we went out to eat Chinese in a group of 10 and it was so funny!! The guy looked so confused!

I’m so tired from lack of sleep though!!

Anyway, have a great day.



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