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Hey look :D


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I’m up in the morning! lol…wonder how long this will last…maybe a week? idk…I’m having a cinnamon sugar bagel toasted with chocolate chip cream cheese…hard to believe it’s even supposed to be “breakfast” haha…oh well it’s good anyway…I have coffee too of course 😀  What’s everyone else doing right now?  Ehh I don’t really have plans for the day…probably just workin later on and umm….I dunno I was thinking about taking a shower but I really dont need to but I had a dream about it for some reason I think…I dunno…I also had a dream I got my phone stolen while out somewhere and then called it to see if someone would pick it up and they spoke with a french accent so for some reason in the dream I did that too so they’d talk to me…weird.  Well, I’m off to continue my busy day of “foruming” or rather sitting here looking around the cwh forums before I get ready to work lol…blah.  It’s really nice outside today but everyone I know works or something so It’s kinda lame…at the least I could lay out in my back yard and tan but I don’t have a chair for that…everyone keeps telling me the new area I live in is “ghetto” for the town I live in buuut…It really isn’t that ghetto at all to me…maybe where I grew up was more ghetto idk  but the people over here seem pretty nice to me and one family introduced themselves on the day I moved in which never happened anywhere when I lived in the “nice” areas before this, with the snobby neighbors bitching all the time about my dogs barking or whatev.  It actually kinda feels more homey to wake up to the neighbors blasting that mexican music that I don’t understand the words to or anything then to wake up to old fogies across the street tending to their gardens, talking to eachother and staring at me like i’m crazy when I bring out the dogs lol…it’s just three lil 12 lb dogs and I know they weren’t looking at them…I think they wondered how someone my age was renting an acual house in that neighborhood not to mention I probably look 16 to them with how small I am.  Ok now i’m really off…that’s my morning rambling…I talk about some good stuff when I’m not awake yet hehe 😀

xox-Mee <333 

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