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By jade / 9 years ago / In: General ,



so for those of u who read my entire shenanigan about maybe having to get rid of little haru or moving, i decided id rather move and was sure when i told the manager that shed be like ok see ya, but she totally changed her tune and said if he stays i will ask the owner if you can just pay a nonrefundable pet deposit and keep him, sounded like they didnt want me moving :/ anyway so this was two wks ago and she still hasnt given me an answer so a little lost in limbo on that situation now, this month i may be having two cheaper pchats once again, i really enjoyed doing that i have yet to sign up because im not sure what days i can do them, home life has been really hectic this past two wks trying to get it together for my trip to OR! Really other than that not too much more going on, i have been working on learning how to make my own videos i have never ever been able to edit videos or touched any video software so starting yesterday i finally made my very own video which im going to give to abs for members content i believe because i put music on it WHOOPS hehe didnt know we cannot do that and just got notified after i made my first vid and put music that is copywrited wonder if they can take it off? haha so thats whats going on with me lately abs said we can now put pics n vids on here so i think i will try that out now 🙂

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