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By MIA / 9 years ago / In: General ,



so I got stopped the other night driving home from the gym. nothing unusual…seems like im a target for those mo effin police. So they decide to search my car. (god knows why because its dirty as hell.  I mean it looks like 5 homeless ppl leave out of it. LMAO you cnat even see the floor amist water bottles, papers, mail, clothes, trash, etc .) Its bad. and that may be an understatement.


So these two cops (of course another one shows up) are searching my car, throwing shit EVERYWHERE lol im just thinking good luck, since i know there is nothing bad in my car. I dont smoke, nor do I drink. A couple minutes later one yells,”what the hell!???????????????????” He takes his head outta the car and holds up my big pink dildo, ” umm is this yours?” I was DYING lmao rolling laughing so hard. Im like, “umm yes, whose else could it possibly be?”  then he threw it back in the car and was like, “we normally stop searching when we come to moldy food, but a big pink dildo is quite enough”  Im suprised it didnt turn into some sort of steamy sex scene right there! lolllllllllll


bet yall that has never happened to you. 🙂

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