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By Hannah / 9 years ago / In: General ,



sooooo the other day some idiot pulled the fire alarm in my building. 3 big firetrucks came and police and stuff, and everyones just standing outside like wtfxz. Then this girl comes out with a broken leg, without her crutches cause she carried her kitty cat…down 12 flights of stairs! then I felt sooo bad cause I didn’t bring mine haha. And I love him so effin much too, I thought about bringing him but I figured it was a false alarm anyhow.

I’m basically blogging about how much I love my cat. He’s really awesome. I’ll make a video of him soon, I’m surprised I haven’t yet. He loves to be held like a baby, and he forces you to do’s really funny. He talks when you ask him a question, and he LOVES tampons. No not used ones.. he actually opens the bathroom cabinets to get to the box and he fishes them out. Then next thing you know he’ll be running all over the place with a little packaged tampon.

You love tampon talk

anyhow I’m really worried about him cause he has this super messed up face. I’ve taken him to the vet and they are idiots and have no idea what it is. But they think of something to charge me $60 for anyhow. His face just like randomly swells up in different spots, sometimes it bleeds too and then it’ll scab over. Usually it lasts a few days and goes away, and sometimes he has a normal face for about a week. I don’t want him to die on me 🙁 he’s da best cat evvaaaaaa. And only like a year or so old? I got him from the shelter so he probably had this when he was born. I remember the corners of his mouth would swell up every now and then as a kitten. WEIRDDDDDDD

thanks for reading me ramble on about my pussy at 4am

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