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By Hallie / 9 years ago / In: General ,



so my other job is pretty cool. i get along with everyone and i just got a raise. so you would think that im happy as a clam right? WRONG! there is this lady that i work “under” and she is such a damn bag. i try really hard to keep her happy but she is relentless. she reminds me of chicken little “oh no the sky is falling, the sky is falling” if one thing goes wrong shes ready to storm out. luckly she has to leave early everyday. she treats me like im her assistant but technically i dont work for her, shes not the one who hired me so she cannot fire me. today i had to run some paper work over to the head office and thats when i usally just take a bit of time to myself due to the fact that i dont leave my desk for lunch or even for schedualed breaks. so i take my time over there (i take about 20-25 mins) and today she called me at the head office, all exasperated and saying that i need to come back this minute. i was only gone for like 15 mins. she claims that she called upstairs and that one of the ladies up there said i had gone downstairs 15 mins before she called over. which is such a lie. she drives me up the wall. i some times wonder what is going to happen when i take a day off she will probably die. i cant believe a woman with grown children can act like such an immature bitch. and that is my rant.

love ya guys

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