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member chizat!


By Carmen / 10 years ago / In: General ,



if you don’t already know, my member chat is tonight at 10pm EST so, i expect you guys to be there!! skip work, cancel your appts, tell your wives you’re gonna be busy tonight in advance… lol j/k.. don’t take my horrible advice. to be completely honest, i’m not 100% sure as far as what the chat will entail.. but, i promise you it’ll be fun & sexy. i’m usually a total night owl but, lately.. i’ve been passing out EARLY. let’s hope i’m alert during my chat lol.. unless you guys wanna watch me nap. i doubt that would be the least bit sexy =] anyways, just reminding you guys to try to make my member chat tonight @ 10pm EST.. and i might be hopping on pchats a little bit before. see ya guys later xoxo

Like this:

  • Bernen

    salut je suis français et je te trouve jolie désoler de ne pas parfaitement te parler mais si tu veut me parler prend ton MSN et mais cette adresse r.fouasnonà ces moi

  • Dominic

    sup sexy girl i not a member of this place but i saw a video of you on a website like youtube and i would like to talk to you on msn i’m pretty sure you would like my look just take a guess and if you don’t like me well you could still delete me after all 😉 hope to talk to you soon

  • Dominic

    this might help diamond_boy4@hotmail

  • jordwon

    Just thought I’d see how you are. Been clubbing since the last nightmare you had at the small place? You should come to london, I’d show you some great clubs. What music are you in to?
    How do I know when you will next be on,
    Take care sexy.x

  • anon

    hey Carm, not sure if you’ll read this, but i don’t know of another way to contact you. just wanted to let you know, do you use another site other than cwh? if not, i think there is someone impersonating you. if you reply to this comment, i’ll give you more info.

  • Iceman

    tell your wives you’re gonna be busy tonight – clever girl, considering that she’s only 21

  • leon

    carmen you are hot but what is your personality like i heard you kinda mean. but my wives think you hot am 24 and my wives 22 we should get together sometime. mean girl:)

  • Carmen, hi there..

    Recently look at one video of yours I found on google…. thank you, thank you, thank you.. you were very, very generous with that one… the full nakedness of your body was a very jouyful sight, thanks again….. hope you get your site soon, and I’d look forward to see more videos about Carmen, the person, because this man likes to see your face and likes to hear you talk…..

    Do take care,


  • michael

    u are so beautiful wots ur full name