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My lips are real!!


By Violet / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Okay it’s really freakin irritating when people ASSume that my lips are surgically or otherwise enhanced. They are real people!! It’s happened twice this week on p chats, and on a forum, and a hundred other times during my life. Believe it or not, some people have naturally full lips. Yes, it’s super trendy these days for celebrities to run out and get their lips plumped. I am not one of those people. I have nothing against cosmetic surgery/enhancements, but I live in a crappy apartment and there’s a whole lot of things I would spend my money on before I’d have cosmetic surgery. I’m not rich, and that stuff isn’t cheap. So once again, for the record my lips are real.

I guess I shouldn’t be ranting on about this, but I dealt with a lot of teasing as a child because of my lips. Kids are cruel and they made fun of me because of them. I used to stare in the mirror making expressions, and try to figure out ways to make them look smaller. I would pull my lips in and purse them all of the time to try to hide them. I hated them. I still find myself doing it sometimes in the present. It became a habit. No one likes to stand out when they’re young. So once I got over all of that and figured out that full lips are a popular feature these days, (thank you Angelina Jolie) I decided I didn’t hate my lips so much after all. The fake accusations are irritating though. So this is the last time I will bitch about it. My lips a natural. Rant over.

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