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By Femme / 9 years ago / In: General ,



So not much is new as of late. I am truckin along in my seven classes. Grinning and bearing it. 😀

I am working on the first stages for my thesis. I have decided to do it on Marketing in the Middle East. It’s really neat learning about the culture and how different parts of the Middle East differ from others in such immense ways. i.e. Dubai and Lebanon. They are rather close, but soooooo different.

Yesterday I was walking to school and it was raining, so I had my umbrella overhead. This cheap little fold up umbrella that fits in my purse. I was crossing a street and a gust of wind blew into my umbrella and turned it inside out. So there I am getting soaked, trying to fix my floppy umbrella with tons or cars around, most likely laughing their asses off at this dumb blonde. Yea. That was fun.

 So there is this song that I love and have been listening to lately. Give it a try. It’s by Hem and it’s called, Half Acre. Pretty pretty song. Not very manly or intense, but it’s beautiful anyways. 🙂

Hope you’re happy healthy and sane!

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