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a miracle happened


By MIA / 10 years ago / In: General ,



i cooked i cooked, i mother fuckin cooked!!!!!!!!!! It was a miracle! I think all the sunny weather got me excited, and I bought a ton of fun groceries. I came home friday night, opened our windows in the kitchen and got to work. I really dont now jack about cooking other than what I have seen on the food network, or what my mom did (but lets be real, she cant cook) so I just kinda went with it. I made chicken , red mini potatoes and veggies!! SO yummy! I bought ms. dash, so it would be healthy (salt-less DELISH seasoning), bathed that shit in the chicken, cut off all the fat because it grossed me out,and made like 20 chicken breasts! lolthen I took the potatoes and cut them into little pieces, put some veg oil in the pan and let them simmer on the oven (genius), I just steamed the veggies  on the stove…nothing exciting there. I like veggies. LOL. Even my roommate was soooo effin impressed. Like omg you cooked!? Then she showed me everything I did wrong. But thats okay. lLOL

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