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Story of my Life..

By Gisele | 10 years ago | In: General , | 0



For those of you who have kept up with my recent blogs, you know I was sooo close to finally moving into my first home.. well the loan officer took an abnormally long time finishing paper work and what not, which caused me alot of stress and financial burden. I guess it was maybe a sign, or something because after really thinking about the home i was about to purchase, i realized that although it was a nice home, it just isnt my dream home. I believe in never settling in life, and always trying to acheive the dreams you have to the best of your capability. Although iam very upset and weirded out by the sudden decision i have made, i do believe it is for the best. My heart just wasnt in it, and iam too young to make that kind of commitment when my heart isnt 100% there.

As well as backing out of the house, iam also making some changes in my personal life as well..its so hard for me because iam a person that hates to be alone, but i think iam ready to challenge myself and do what i know is best. I need some time to self reflect and grow. Iam sorry for my absence this past week, iam emotionally and physically drained. Due to the fact iam no longer moving into the house, i had to find another apartment and re schedule so much stuff to a differnet residence with so short notice. I will however be on MUCH MUCH more once i have the internet all set up and iam moved into my apartment, so although i might be absent on pchats and the forums these next few days, i will more than make up for it in about a week 😉

Thank you all for listening, I will be around pchats later today

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