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Heyyyy beeatches.


By Femme / 10 years ago / In: General ,



You know I don’t mean that. 😉

So nothing is really new in my world. Just tyring not to drown in homework. I must say I am handling it rather well. Could be worse. I could have to work a real 40 hours a week job. Did that for many years. Hated it… love this. End of story.

So this quarter at school I am in Speech class. I had to do a demonstration speech. I chose to teach the class how to make homemade ginger ale. Since ginger ale has to ferment for a period of 24-48 hours, I made some ahead of time. Then I prepared a seperate bottle of ginger ale to show the class how to do it. When the yeast in the bottle of ginger ale ferments it builds up pressure and creates carbonation… the bottle became rock hard and I knew there was alot of pressure inside. So naturally I was afraid to open it. When it came time to let the class try the ginger ale, I asked a volunteer to open the bottle. A nice gentleman from the front row came up to help me, twisted off the cap, paused, and walked back to his seat. As soon as he sat his butt in his seat the liquid bubbled up from the bottom and shot 3 feet in the air! I scramble to get the cap and stop it from spewing and the guy runs back up and slams his palm on the top of the bottle to stop it. It was a catastrophy. None the less everyone thought it was halarious and everyone helped me clean it up. So, that was my first speech in the class. Can’t WAIT to see what happens next time. 😉


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