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sayanora, eating disorder!


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Today marks the 8 year anniversary from my release from rehab for eating disorders. =D It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been so long, seems like it was just yesterday. But before I get into that…


Three “naked” chicken wings with extra extra hot sauce
One servings of baked tortila chips and hot salsa

One grilled porkchop with cornbread and pork stuffing with hot sauce
assorted raw vegetables and dressing
hmmm, I think I like hot sauce 😛


assorted veggies and dip

a few bites of porkchop and stuffing (the same ones from the day before…we always cook so much)

half of a Jimmy John’s hunter’s club (roast beef sandwich)

a handful of taro chips with peanut curry sauce

a serving of salt and pepper fried giant clam

mango bubble tea sweetened with nutra-sweet

cup of baby carrots

ok so, like I was saying, I’m celebrating being out of rehab for 8 years.  Currently, I weigh 114 lbs 🙂 not too bad! It’s so weird to think that I was once at 97 lbs, barely living. When I look at the ONLY picture I have of me during that time ( I never took pictures because, ha, I thought I was too fat to be photographed) it just seems to…surreal. but it definitely happened, as much as I dont want to believe it.  I still feel the effects of scarring my body like that occassionally, even though it happened almost a decade ago. But to make a long story short, I’m healthy and happy and that’s always a good thing ;D
Next week I’m going to switch up my nutritional plans so that I have more emphasis on maintaining a steady blood sugar level. Should be fun 🙂

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