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Look at my beads!


By Ava. / 10 years ago / In: General ,




So my St. Patty’s was pretty relaxed. I just hung out with my friends at the bar for a while. I liked getting dressed up in green so I could wear some green jewelery that I’ve had forever but never wear cuz I almost never wear green. Last weekend, my friends and I went rollerskating. I haven’t been in forever. We had a really great time. I was suprised at how things have changed. Everyone was so good. They were all skatedancing and freestyle skating. It was cool to watch. I was just trying not to fall.  I felt like everyone was pointing and laughing at the stupid white people who can’t skate. We stood out for sure but we just tried to have fun. I didn’t fall, but my friend did – 2X. Ha Ha. I didn’t realize what a gay hangout the roller rink was either. Durring the couples skate, I was looking around like Hmmmm. But I should have known, I mean, what’s gayer than roller skating.  Figure skating – I guess!

Anyway, I met with a million realators this week and decided to put my house up for sale. The sign goes in the yard on Monday. I really need something smaller and less maintenance. I live alone, so just me doing all the work and repairs and regular maintenance is getting old. I would love to get a condo. I don’t like the idea of neighbors who share walls but whatcha gonna do?

I want to stay in the area too. I really like the city I live in and everything I like to do is really close to me so I don’t want to go to far.

I’ll keep ya’ll up to date on the selling/ moving process. I have a feeling it will take a long time to sell since the market around here really sucks. It’s soo bad. A neighbor of mine just put their house up for $80k less than market value and everyone is following suit to stay competitive. So needless to say, I’m gonna lose my life savings on this house but it’s just not worth waiting out to see if the market will turn around.



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