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I feel violated


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I went to the gyno’s for my annual pap smear (ladies, please get pap smears done once a year, it’s for your health!) and now Im starting to think my gynecologist is a lesbian.  She randomly makes these side comments when she’s screwing around with my body that kiiiiiiiiiinda make me uncomfortable.  Like, I was laying, practically naked since all we get to wear are those stupid paper robes, with my feet in the stirrups so that she could do the pap smear and the gyno says to me “….you have great legs, did you know that? I can tell that you run a lot.” uhm…..thanks? What am I suppose to say to that? This woman is smashing my female parts with metal tools. She also made some comment about how my tattoo (the butterfly) was really gorgeous on my back. Heavy emphasis on GORGEOUS. She also said it while looking into my eyes. I felt used and dirty haha.

Right now Im at the restaurant, bored and mad as hell. I dislike the way this restaurant is run sometimes. Everyone’s lazy and wants to cut corners EVERYWHERE.  I wish Wendy and my folks would just freakin hire more staff. It’s not cost efficient to them but I mean, we’re going to end up losing a lot of business if we keep this up.  So I hope they take my advice and decide to hire some new people.

;D I started working out again and it feels GREAT. I cant wait til my gym membership gets fixed so I can start hitting the weights. I want really sexy arms for the summer. Sexy everything. Gotta get that beach body ready 😀

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