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Sunday Ramblings…


By Ashleigh / 10 years ago / In: General ,



You know what show I love? Kenny Vs Spenny. Not sure if you guys have heard of it or seen it because I know its canadian, but god…its freakin funny. If you have the chance to catch it online or anything, please do. But only if you like gross humor and immaturity. I think those guys are genius.

 But anyways, today is SO nice out. I went for a walk with Abby for like…an hour. Her poor little legs were ready to fall off! I want to BBQ tonite I think…its kinda late, but I usually only eat dinner past 9pm haha. I think I might BBQ some chicken…wish I had a steak here, but maybe later on in the week if its still warm out.

 The bf has the flu. Which sucks…he was sick all friday nite and in my drunken state (we were at a party) I somehow managed to take care of him apparantly (I don’t remember- I was that drunk) so he called me today to thank me. I was like “uhmmmmmm no problem?” Lol, I seriously don’t remember helping him puke, putting him to bed, getting him gravol etc….but ah well, I’m the greatest girlfriend ever! Lol.

 I go back to school tomorrow after two weeks off. Not looking forward to it, but this is my home stretch now before I graduate. Only four more weeks left! My print comp work gets judged this week so I’m anxious to go to the judging to see how I do. Cross your fingers for me guys!

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