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Update on what’s been happnin’!


By Jenn / 10 years ago / In: General ,



Soo yeah….I’ve just been takin some extra time to go out the past week or so cuz I hadn’t been anywhere in awhile!  So I went downtown to some bars one night, then to this lil rock show another night (the greenday cover band was good) then I went w/ my friend to some other band’s show another night…the cliffs notes from that night would be as follows-  drove an hour, got a hotel so we didn’t have to drive back home after drinkin…got to the hotel & it was all hickory/stuck in the 90’s lol…def. not as cool as it LOOKED online haha…anyway, got to the hotel, took a cab to the bar, missed the band playing, hung out w/ band, friend decides to have them over to the hotel where I said they are NOT staying in our room!  They all end up getting trashed and staying up till like 7am…, friend ends up talkin to the one guy she wanted to see all night while i’m stuck getting hit on by the other guy in the band, annoying lmao, I was tired and annoyed and went to sleep as I was BORED off my ass, and up for over 24 hours by that point in time, and sick of the guy trying to all make a move and staring at me freakishly all night…so yeah, went to sleep…woke up like 3 hours late cuz we had to check out…drove back home.  The end. lol.


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