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Not a good day :-\


By Jenn / 10 years ago / In: General ,



I’m not having a good day today.  I went to bed at 4am so I could be up by 12pm since i’ve been on such a messed up sleeping schedule.  I was doing well for the past couple days…waking up at earlier times and going to bed at earlier times.  Well today it all was ruined! >:( I was awakened 2 times while sleeping, once after 3 hours of sleep…then I was awake for an hour….then I slept for one hour and woke up again-well, by that time I had slept four hours total- so now I couldn’t get back to sleep for 3 more hours (it’s reallllly hard to sleep for me when i’ve already slept some and been woken up a couple times.  I just lay there forever trying to sleep!)  sooo anyway, I had a crazy breakdown and started crying and yelling at the person who woke me up.  I was really pissed cuz it was so hard for me to try to sleep again and I had really wanted to be up by 12 but now I couldn’t….so I had to sleep until 4pm to get almost 8 hours of sleep.  Soo my whole thing is ruined now and i’ll probably be up tonight until effin 9 am or something again and I missed the whole day and anything I was going to do is now screwed.  :-/  This day sucks.
xox- meee 

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