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Going Crazy


By Ava. / 10 years ago / In: General ,



So I got these three super cute teddy bear hamsters at he begining of the month. Nugget, Sunshine and Megan. But ever since I got them, they keep escaping. I have found them in the oven, under the fridge, in the sink, in the coutch, in a muffin tin, under the stove, a hole under the basement stairs, all over the place. I have tried to put heavy stuff over the door on top of their cage but they break out every time. I’m baffled. It’s like they are SUPER hamsters or something. I just may have to put them under survailence. Extreem measures, I know. But as of last night I found Sunshine in the basement and well, my cats found Megan¬†in the¬†kitchen. But poor nugget has been missing for almost three weeks now. I know she is alive cuz she leaves me presents. I leave food out and it’s gone in the morning. But I still worry about her.

Anyhow, wish me luck in my happy hamster hunting!

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