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weekly blah blah


By tigerrrrlily / 10 years ago / In: General ,



so lets talk about the pros of the week so far:

1. I got my laptop and microsoft life cam. It’s SO amazing. I love it. and I love the person who bought it for me. Thank you so much. You know who you are. This laptop and cam is going to make cwh SO much easier. Now I can actually have fun in pchats and do other things like shower shows or stuff by the fireplace etc.

2. One of my best friends is off house arrest =D This means we can all go out again FINALLY. Our band of ignorant rangers is finally 100% put back together.  Heavy drinking and terribleness will ensue for sure. and his birthday is this Friday. =D

3. My girl, Lucky, is having her birthday on Thursday. Im really excited because she never gets the chance to go out and have fun. I really want to spoil her, she deserves it. So I think I will take her out to get her hair and nails done and go shopping. You know, true girly things. I really do love this chick. She’s got my back ever since I met her.

4.  My baby brother got into college! and we all thought he was a moron. I’m proud, boy. Really boy.

Let’s look at the cons of this week.

1. The restaurant had it’s first real crisis when the head chef of the Columbia restaurant decided she wasn’t going to show up. This also meant she wasnt going to bring along any of the illegal immigrant workers that we use to cook and clean. So Mikey’s mom called one of the back up chefs, Peter, who decided to be a dick and say “hell no, I’m not working.” So then Wendy had to call up Shu Min Leu, the head chef at the Annapolis location.  He said he would have loved to help out but he had to run his restaurant. But because Leu is the nicest man in the world, he drove all the illegal workers and waiters down to the Columbia location and returned to his restaurant. So yesterday, The Columbia location had no real chefs so our parents were required to cook everything. The food wasnt bad…but it wasnt great. It’s obvious they arent trained chefs. So of course our parents take it out on the only people they can: Mikey and me. So we quit. Again. I mean, we’ll probably be back by Friday, but until then we quit.

2. Mikey almost set our bedroom on fire. He lit a cigarette and fell asleep and it dropped into the comforter.  I woke up because I smelled something burning, look over and the entire comforter was on fire. We tried stomping to put it out.  The only thing that worked was pouring sweet tea all over it. Thank god we had it there or else we would have been screwed.
3. Dustin lost something really valuable in our closet. It’ll never be found again.

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