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Today is a holiday…


By Femme / 10 years ago / In: General ,



which I forgot. I know, how ignorant of me. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I walked all 2 blocks to my school in 10 degree weather, froze my ass off… Only to find that the school is closed. I should have known! Derr. So i turned around and walked all 2 blocks back home in the Frrrrreezing cold. I always said that I like cold weather but this is rediculous. I mean, the cattle in Colorado are all dying because of the crazy freezing snow storms! They had to chip cows out of the ice! It’s so sad. Although, cows aren’t the smartest animal. They probably really didn’t give a crap that their blood was developing ice crystals and had no desire to do anything about it. I hear that cows won’t move if a fire is burning down their stable, they won’t even leave if the door is open, I assume this applies to ice too. Haha alright, rambling done. Until next time… ciao!

 Frozen cattle

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